2019 Rally cross rules


We are pleased to announce the 2019 RallyCross Program for Philadelphia Region SCCA members!  The details of the program are set forth in the Rules you can access at the tab to the right.  In short, we have established a championship series where RallyCross drivers earn points by attending approved RallyCross events in neighboring regions (since we currently don't have a location to host events within our boundaries).  Drivers will report their events and finishing positions to the RallyCross Chair to earn points toward the RallyCross Championship trophies we will award at the end of the year.  And as an additional incentive, Philly Region members can apply for up to two $20 travel reimbursements to help defray the costs of traveling to out-of-region RallyCross events that require a hotel stay!

Only Philadelphia Region SCCA members are eligible to participate in the 2018 Philly Region RallyCross Championsihp program.  For more information, please contact our RallyCross Chair via this e-mail:


You can also contact us and get more information through our RallyCross Facebook Group:


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RallyCross is the most widespread and readily accessible form of extreme dirt motorsport in the Sports Car Club of America, and the perfect place to see if you have what it takes to powerslide your way to victory. Imagine a scaled down version of a rally stage laid out on a non-paved plot of land where the course is delineated by traffic cones instead of trees or rocks. The entry fees and equipment requirements are considerably less than those necessary to enter any other forms of performance rally, so in most locations one need only arrive at event registration with a sound, hardtop vehicle and the entry fee. Many SCCA Regions have helmets to loan and will assist the first time competitor with entering the appropriate class, making their way through technical inspection and finding their way around the course. Best of all, it’s great fun!

RallyCross is the most cost effective way to gauge a driver’s interest and aptitude for “doing it in the dirt.” RallyCross classes are tailored for local entrants but usually categorize cars according to number of driven wheels, engine capability and the style of tires mounted. Unlike Solo, a similar competition staged on paved surfaces, where an entrant’s ranking is based on the single fastest run, RallyCross competitions are usually judged on the total of multiple runs.


2019 RallyCross Schedule

Philadelphia Region is looking for someone interested in leading our RallyCross program. 

We have equipment to hold events, we just need someone willing to step up and lead the way!

Contact RallyCross@PhillySCCA.com