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The Time Trials Experience:  TT National Tour events are designed to be highly engaging, accessible and inclusive. Camping at the track is encouraged. Friends and family are welcome, and food and drink is available on site. 

Competition is only one aspect of the Time Trials experience which also includes social elements, personal challenge, partner engagement, food, media, photography and fun. Each of these elements is crafted to create an experience where every participant has the opportunity to enjoy the event, regardless of finishing position.

Most importantly, the on-track experience is facilitated. Each group has a coach and each session has a debrief. The coach's job is to make sure everyone approaches the event from the perspective of "Same Team," with shared goals of clean laps and safe, fun and fair competition.

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SCCA Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack is the fastest way for automotive enthusiasts to get on a race circuit. The very popular program was created as a non-competitive, no-stress, entertaining, easy and inexpensive way for nearly anyone who loves cars or motorsports to have a weeknight adventure. No previous on-track experience required. Realizing that traditional road courses have always been a bit of a secret society, the SCCA created Track Night in America as a way to remove the mystery around such facilities. The goal is to eliminate hurdles that keep people from enjoying local racing circuits and open the doors so everyone can come and play.

2024 is the tenth year the SCCA has conducted this program. Events are rain or shine (with some exceptions). TNA will visit more than 25 facilities around the U.S. in 2024 from March through September.  Events usually run from 4pm to 8pm on weekdays, leaving weekends free for other obligations. Generally, each participating race circuit will host one TNA event every month. The cost is rarely more than $170 for each entrant seeking time on track, and admission is free for those wishing to just hang out and enjoy the festivities or display cherished rides. SCCA membership is not required for TNA events. Entrants must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license, and have access to an approved helmet and street car in good working condition. (No race cars permitted!) Participants are divided into three categories: Novice, Intermediate or Advanced. Each group has three 20-minute sessions on track, and professional SCCA instructors and staff are on hand to provide guidance.


A leisurely parade lap session is offered during events for attendees not registered for the full on-track experience. People can learn more or reserve a spot by visiting Space is limited for each event.

2024 TRACK NIGHT Schedule*
(*Verify all dates on actual event page)



Philly Region participates in the Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association ( which is celebrating 65 years of events in 2024.  Whether you are interested in seeing what it takes to drive in one of these events, are interested in volunteering to work at a corner (and get the best view in the house), or just want to spectate, be sure to go to one of these great events to see the terrific cars and excellent driving.

The PHA series is operated under the Hillclimb Rules on their webpage. Below is the PHA’s 2024 Schedule. Be sure to check their website for updates, registration info, and results. Volunteer workers are always welcome, with on-the-job training there's no better way to get closer to the action!

2024 PA Hillclimb Schedule

These events present something of a middle-ground between Solo and Club Racing. Like Solo, these events are typically scored or timed one-car-at-a-time as opposed to wheel-to-wheel racing for position on track like in Club Racing. Like Solo, you can participate in some of these events with the standard safety equipment in a street vehicle (seat belts) and helmet, while other events will require additional safety equipment such as a roll cage and driver safety equipment such as a firesuit.

“Hillclimbs” typically take place on public roads that are closed for the event and – as you might guess – are located in very steep terrain. These events require additional safety equipment in the car and on the driver since the chance for error and the proximity of trees, steep slopes, or the side of the hill presents some additional risk.

Polish Mountain Hillclimb 2016

(Forward to 2:05 for the start of the run)
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