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When you join the SCCA, you will be joining over 46,000 members across the U.S. No other single motorsports organization in the world conducts more events than the SCCA. These events range from SCCA amateur and professional road racing to rallies, Solo (autocross) events, hill climbs and auto shows. The SCCA is an ever-growing organization for the automotive enthusiast. Because SCCA is member-oriented and member-operated, the club stresses participation on a broad basis. Regardless of your experience or background, if you are an automotive enthusiast there is a place for you in the SCCA.

The Philadelphia Region is proud to be involved with many of the programs that the SCCA sanctions. We are involved with charity events and other goodwill programs for the general public. Our region’s members are very spirited and are proud to belong. Many people will recognize us with our yellow shirts and jackets at most events showing our “Region Pride.” Most of our members develop life-long friendships with other members. The camaraderie is the best.



You will receive the monthly national publication, Sportscar Magazine, and regular updates from Philadelphia Region regarding local events.


Entry fees are discounted for members compared to the non-member rate. The membership will pay for itself in just a few events!


Get up and close to the action by working at some of the Pro events around the NorthEast Division and our road racing events at Pocono Raceway.

All SCCA members are protected with the best insurance program in motorsports at no additional charge.

Special SCCA discount programs provide savings on airfares, car rentals, and much more as detailed on the SCCA web page at:



Visit to join online. Please make sure you fill in Philadelphia Region (031) on the form. We greatly appreciate your support!


You will get a $15 discount on your membership fee by providing the membership number of a referring existing member. You are welcome to use member #211950 for your $15 discount or ask a friend for their SCCA member number.


SCCA membership is required of all event participants. However, for non-members attending an SCCA autocross (Solo) event, the SCCA offers a weekend membership option. The fee for this membership is covered in the cost of your non-member entry fee.

The face value of this membership is $15, and it is good for 5 consecutive days, during which you can participate at any SCCA sanctioned autocross/Solo event under that membership.

Also, if you attend 2 events during a 60 day window, and decide to join the SCCA, you can apply the cost of your weekend membership(s) ($30 maximum) to a full SCCA membership.

If you’ve already purchased a weekend membership and are attending a 2 day event, or attending another event in another region and would like to reuse your weekend membership, please bring a copy of the completed membership form with you to registration each day. If you do not bring a copy of the form, you will be required to pay the full, non-member entry fee both days.

For SCCA members, a copy of your current SCCA member card is required at registration, or you will also be required to pay the full, non-member entry fee.

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