Les Handly Scholarship Nomination

In honor of Philadelphia Region SCCA member Walter “Les” Handly, and in appreciation for the generous gift he provided to the Region in his last will and testament, the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Region SCCA hereby establishes the “Les Handly Memorial Scholarship” as follows:


Purpose:  To provide a Philadelphia Region SCCA member for whom it would not otherwise be financially viable an opportunity to attend the SCCA Solo Nationals, the SCCA Runoffs, the SCCA Road Rally National Championship, or the SCCA RallyCross National Championship, as a competitor or a volunteer worker for the first time.




Candidates for the Scholarship shall not have previously attended the SCCA championship event for which they are being considered.


Preference should be given for those candidates for the Scholarship for whom the combined costs of entry, travel, and accommodations would be prohibitive or a significant financial burden.


The Scholarship is not intended for those members who already intend to attend the SCCA championship event and have the financial means to do so.​


 Nomination and Selection Process:


Any Philadelphia Region SCCA member may nominate any other Philadelphia Region SCCA member as a candidate for the Scholarship.  All nominations shall be made in writing and delivered to the Treasurer at least 60 days prior to the championship event for which the candidate is being nominated (this deadline may be waived by the Board at its discretion).  


The nomination should provide as much detail as possible as to why the candidate warrants selection by the Board, including factors such as: participation in region events during the year, contributions to Region events, enthusiasm, improvement in driving performance or skill sets as a volunteer, and such other factors as should be considered by the Board.  The nomination should verify the candidate has not previously attended the championship event.


With reasonable sensitivity for the candidate’s privacy, the nomination should state that it is believed the Scholarship would enable attendance for which it would otherwise be a financial burden for the candidate.   The nomination should provide a reasonable estimate of the total costs of the candidate’s participation (whether as a driver or worker) in the championship event.

To nominate an individual, please complete the form below, or email assistant@phillyscca.com.


Philadelphia Region SCCA, Inc.
Email: RE@phillyscca.com