COVID-19 Statement - Updated 11-21-2021

Thanks to everyone's cooperation with our COVID policies, we were able to run a full 2021 event schedule across all programs. Road Racing started in March and Autocross events started in April.  In 2022, we anticiapte being able to continue our programs and will adjust our policies as needed based on current COVID-related guidance and best practices.


Our 2021 events have finished for the year, but don't worry -- we've got a great schedule in the works for 2022!  Watch this space for updates when we have the preliminary schedule ready to post.

We are planning to host an in-person Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting at the Simeone Museum in late-January 2022.  Dates and details are being worked out.  We hope you will join us for a great afternoon viewing the amazing car collection at the museum, and honoring the accomplishments of our members in 2021.

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  1. This is a sample, but the real thing could be on your car soon.

  2. #00001 is on a Mustang GT, #00002 is on a Dodge Ram, and #00100 is on a Touareg.

  3. Plates have been arriving less than a month from the date we send in the materials.


We will place an order on the first of the month, no matter the number of plates. Contact Judy Bloeser (info below) to order your plate. The cost is $40 for the standard SCCA plate or $140 for a vanity version.

We are up to # 189 (2/1/2018). Numbers will be assigned by the state in the order in which the plates are produced – customer numbers are not available unless you order a vanity version.

More Information and Orders:

Judy Bloeser    E-Maill: macmassie@aol.com    Phone: 610-965-0585